Alco Web Design
Why use Alco Web Design?

Because it's easy! You provide the content, I make the design and layout look stylish and professional using your corporate colours and images in a design of your choice. You can sit back in the knowledge that you'll get a bespoke website with full search engine optimisation, you even have the flexibility of making changes once your site is live!

How is Alco Web Design different?

I am a one-man-band, not a massive design agency with a huge salesforce which come with a huge price tag. I am not a Do-It-Yourself online website builder, nor do I use online templates. I do all the design and build work for you from scratch. It is for these reasons that I can guarantee my customer satisfaction.

What about the hidden costs?

There aren't any! Everything for the design and build of the website is included in your quote, so there will be no surprises later! All you pay extra is your hosting and domain, these costs are also shown on your initial quotation. I will set up and launch your website for you, I never consider a project complete until you are completely satisfied!

Can I keep my current domain name?

Yes. If you already have a hosting account and domain name you should be able to keep everything as it is, I just upload your new site to your existing server. Occasionally you may need to transfer to another server, this may be to your benefit such as reducing your costs. I will let you know and arrange the transfer process, with no loss of service.

Why do I have to pay for hosting extra?

Once your site is created and it is 'live', you will be supplied a hard copy of your website and the layout, pages, content and design are yours to keep... forever. I find by using a neutral third party for your hosting, this means that you have complete control over your website, and your account. Some other companies prices for hosting can seriously rise in year two or three. So, if for any reason you want to move your website to another provider for updatess or changes you are totally free to do so, but I would hope you would always return to Alco Web Design. The only exception to this is bespoke sites where you choose our rental option.

Do you charge VAT?

No. The prices displayed on this site are the price you pay.

What will happen to my e-mail?

If your server remains the same then nothing! If we need to change servers I will set up all of your email for you including web access and forwarding, if required.

What are the design stages?

You will need to choose a your package. Once chosen your quote will be generated and submitted you you for approval. Then you tell me what you want, and supply me your logo and basic content ideas and any prefered layouts or designs. I will then give you a draft design using minimal content. You then provide content for each of the pages you want, once completed each page can be viewed online and amended as required. Once all pages are completed your site is put up live for you only. After final tweaking and approval your site is launched and fully tested.

Will my site be built to W3C standards?

I build all of my web sites using HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets to comply with modern standards.

What is your design guarantee?

For your extra peace of mind the first stages of my work are with no obligation, if you do not like my work or design then we part company and you do not pay a penny!

What do I do if I don't have a logo or images?

This is not generally a problem, I can arrange a text logo design or arrange to have images generated. This will be at additional cost and vary depending on each case.

How quickly will my website be finished?

Most first designs should be ready within 5 working days but this depends on your package. It also depends on how quickly you supply your pages of contect, images, feedback and approval. As a rough guide from instruction to launch should take about four weeks.

How can I supply you my files or content?

You can supply basic text content either by email or in a word processing document. The prefered file typres for images or logos etc. are: .png Image File, .pdf Adobe Acrobat, .pds Photoshop Document, .jpg Image File. The following file types are acceptable: .tiff Image File, .bmp Image File, .gif Image File, .doc Microsoft Document, .ppt Microsoft PowerPoint, .pub Microsoft Publisher, .xls Microsoft Excel.

You say you offer support. What do you mean?

I offer all existing customers support so I'll come to the rescue if your website stops functioning for some reason, starts to take and age to load, or is attacked by hackers or malware - unfortunatly it does occasionally happen. I also monitor your site on a regular basis to check your Google rankings. Updates and upgrades out of your package are not included with your support.

Website Updates

Included in your package is a number of revisions. These revisions are to be used within 12 months of your website going 'live'. Each revision equates to approx one hours work. You could expect to add or change images or text or to enhance the 'live' site. Larger changes such as restructuring or the addition of pages would be classed as a Website Upgrade. Website updates are usually completed within 5 working days.

Pay As You Go

If you have already used your agreed website updates and need to make more changes, or want to make other minor edits this can be done very simply using my pay as you go service. I provide ad hoc amendments charged by the hour at £30.00 per hour. I'll invoice you with confirmation of the work to be completed, once paid your updates are usually completed within 5 working days.

Will my website work on all computers?

Your website will be built so it is cross-browser compatible. This means it will work best in all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Although your website is not futureproof! The way the browsers read code can change and make inconsistencies appear on websites. During routine updates I will check your site against new browsers and versions. I will endeavour to ensure that your website will work on browsers most commonly used in the UK and that aren't years out of date.

Will my website work on a mobile phone?

Yes, your website will render well on most smart phones but you can have a mobile specific website as part of your package.

How can I get the best results in Google and other search engines?

Search Engine Optimisation is vital to any website. SEO is always in the forefront of my mind when building you a new site. When your site goes live, I will submit it to the major search engines. Sites always include a site map, ensuring search engines can quickly find out about changes you've made to your site.

How do I contact you & What are your Hours of Business

I prefer to be contacted by email as this causes less interruption to your design work.
Hours of business are from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. I aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. I will respond to any messages left by email as soon as possible.

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